A. Code of Conduct for the students

College admissions are strictly based on University Norms and Directive of the Department of Higher Education Government of Assam from time to time. Application forms and prospectus can be obtained from the college website within the duration of admission declared by the college authority. Incomplete application will be summarily rejected.The Admission Committee reserves the right to reject admission to any student without assigning reasons thereof. Admission Fees once paid is not refundable.Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each period. Students must wear uniforms on all working days and should have ID card along with them. Students must have 75% attendance for appearing final semester examination. A student absenting without leave for more than ten consecutive days without satisfactory explanation will have his/her name removed from the rolls. Students are expected to spend their free hours in the library/reading room. They should not loiter along the verandas or crowd round at the corridors and staircase. No student can take part in any demonstration, Agitation or activities of similar nature political or otherwise in and around the premises of the college

B. Code of Conduct for the Teachers

The teachers should uphold the vision and mission of the College, and work for the holistic development of the students. All the teachers should be present in the respective staff rooms of departments before 9.00 a.m., and they can leave the campus only after 3.30 p.m. The teachers hold the responsibility of maintaining the general discipline of the campus, and anything that is seen inappropriate should be reported to the Principal. They have to do properly the special duties assigned by the Principal from time to time. They should mark the attendance and maintain the documentation in the Attendance Register entrusted to them. They should maintain a personal contact with the students. Each Mentor should keep the contact details of their students and their parents. All the teachers should keep the Code or Professional Ethics for College Teachers given by UGC and the other statutory bodies from time to time.

C. Code of Conduct for the Non Teaching Staff

All the non-teaching staff, being supporting staff of the College should work in collaboration with the Head-Assistant under the orders of the Principal. Each one shall report to the duty in time. They should strive to maintain the academic atmosphere of the College through the works assigned to them. They are not allowed to sub-delegate the responsibilities entrusted to them without the prior permission of the Principal. They are not allowed to leave the College campus during the working hours unless permitted by the Principal. They should adhere strictly to the laws and regulations of the College. They should deal with students, staffs and colleagues with respect and courtesy. They should maintain honesty, discipline, fairness and justice in their official duties. They should keep the confidentiality of the records maintained in their offices and are custodians of the files and papers entrusted to his/her section. On unavoidable circumstances they can take leave on working days. They should get permission from the Principal and inform the leave to the immediate superiors for the proper functioning of the offices. Strict action will be taken if any file is delayed purposefully. All should co-operate with the Management, Administration and the Teaching Staff for the smooth and efficient functioning of the College.

D. Code of Conduct for the Parent/ Guardian

The College expects the parents/guardians to deal with the College authorities in matters regarding the students. No outsiders or relatives are expected to engage with matters of the students unless it is duly informed by the parents in an officially assigned format and procedure. Parents/guardians of the students are expected to uphold the vision, values and ethos of the College. Parents have the right to raise issues and concerns related to the education of their child or other matters relating to the College. Parents should ensure that they raise their issues and concerns with the right person and follow the correct communication channels according to the policies and procedures of the College. Parents/guardians should come to the Parent Teachers Meet organized by the College. They are advised to meet in person the HoDs and Principal regarding the conduct and overall performance of their children. It is highly appreciable that the parents/guardians should visit the HoD at least once in a semester. In matters of discord and grievances, the parents/guardians are requested to make a direct meeting with the principal/ respective HoD. Kindly do not resort to any inappropriate, malicious and judgmental gossips in case of issues regarding your student and College. A direct conversation will clarify any confusion regarding the issue. The College takes seriously any issues that are brought to its attention.

E. Code of Conduct for the Principal

The Principal of the College is responsible to abide by the Code or Professional Ethics for College Teachers given by UGC and the other statutory bodies from time to time. Principal is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the College. The principal should take creative steps to materialize the vision and mission of the College from time to time. The Principal should initiate development activities of the College in due consultation with the Governing Body. The Principal has the prime responsibility to maintain the academic atmosphere of the College. He/she should ensure the existence of an academic environment within the College and should endeavor for its enrichment by encouraging research activities. The Principal should monitor, manage and educate the administration of the institution and take remedial measures wherever it is necessary. It is the duty of the Principal to ensure the discipline of the staff, students and non- teaching staff. The Principal has to ensure the equal treatment to all the people in the campus of the College by removing any kind of discriminatory and disparate practices at any level on the basis of caste, creed, religion, race, and sex within the administrative and academic structure of the College. Equal opportunities for all students should be ensured by the Principal. The Principal should put best efforts to bring in adequate infrastructural and financial support for the College. Incidents of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and violence against people who belong to scheduled castes and tribes should be immediately informed to the Principal, and the Principal should give an official complaint to the concerned government authority without any delay. The Grievance Redressal Cell of the College should inform the Principal any case that is reported to it along with the actions the Cell has taken on behalf of it. The Principal should take measures to ensure the collective responsibility of all staffs and students in the College and thereby build mutual confidence amongst them.

College Rules and Regulations :

(1) The college lays great emphasis on discipline and character building of the students. A Student if found guilty of disobeying college rules, strict disciplinary action which includes expelling from the college/rusticated for a period/ debarred from appearing in any examination for one or more years etc. will be taken against him/her which will be decided by the disciplinary committee headed by the principal and her decision shall be final in all such matters.

(2) All forms of ragging on the college campus are strictly prohibited. Any one found indulging in ragging will be firmly dealt with disciplinary action.

(3) Any-violation of rules, unsatisfactory progress, irregular attendance, non-clearance of college dues, discourtesy to faculty members in any form, adoption of unfair means during examination will be dealt strictly.

(4) Any notice desired to be put up or circulated to students in the college campus will require the prior approval of the college authority.

(5) Mobile phone in the Class Room is strictly prohibited.

Examination Rules :

The college examination Branch conducts all the College examinations.

(1) All students must appear in all the examinations conducted by the college during one academic year and attend their classes regularly- the minimum attendance must be 75% of the classes held.

(2) The following examinations will be conducted by the college during an academic year.

Class Examination
(a) T.D.C. 1st and 2nd Sem One sessional exam per semester as per G.U. norms.
(b) T.D.C. 3rd & 4th Sem One sessional examination per semester as per G.U. norms
(c) T.D.C. 5th & 6th Sem One sessional examination per semester as per G.U. norms

Attendance :

75% attendance in classes is compulsory. A student who fails to attend 75% of the classes will be discollegiated.

Identity Cards :

A non-transferable ldentity Card will be issued to every student at the time of admission against payment of Rs. 50.00. The students are required to keep the identity cards with them during college hours and to be produced whenever demanded for. ldentity cards are issued only annually.

Guardian Participation :

All guardians should keep contact with the Principal from time to time to keep track of the academic progress of their wards. Constructive suggestions from the guardians are most welcome at any time.

Uniforms :

College uniform is compulsory for all students. Students are directed to maintain decency in their attire.

For Girls :

1. Pator Mekhela, White Yellow Border Chaddar, Lemon Yellow Blouse


2. Lemon Yellow Salwar/Churidar, Kameez & White Dupatta with Yellow piping in the Border.

For Boys :

1. White Shirt

2. Steel Grey Trousers

Cardigan / Sweater (Both Boys & Girls), Steel Gray Colour Full Sweater

Winter :

1. Black Cardigan / Sweater (Girls)

2. Black Colour Full Sweater (Boys)

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